Ponti Equus
77x61 cm as a wall print



A beautiful artwork printed on 100% cotton rag, acid free, textured fine art paper. Hand signed and numbered by the artist.


  • Ponti Equus “The Seahorse”. “If you have a passion of ocean life then Ponti Equus may just fill your desire. Like the Spigone modern latin themes , colletions form Esca, Salmo and here Ponti Equus all have an ocean theme. Ponti Equus is the sea horse. The seahorse is the only fish with a neck and the only species on Earth in which the male gives birth. A thousand-year tradition of using seahorses in Chinese medicine as cures for flagging libido and a variety of other ailments. Very rare to see one and now rare to own one. The Romans believed the sea horse was an attribute of the sea god Neptune and as such, the seahorse was considered a symbol of strength and power. Chinese cultures believed that the seahorse was a type of sea dragon, and as such they were revered for their power and thought to be symbols of good luck.Truly aunique work of art to own and only one hundred will ever be made.



  • 100% Authentic Spigone Print

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